About the Alumni Club

About the Alumni Club

Alumni of our University are those, who hold a number of key management positions in Polish and foreign companies or are individuals who are successfully running their own businesses.

What is important, their paths crossed with Kozminski University at some point in life, and now they are a part of a great family of Kozminski University Alumni - along with thousands of their colleagues.

Are you one of them? Be a part of Kozminski Alumni Club! Its activity is targeted at all the Alumni of Kozminski University regardless of their age, major or obtained degree.

Activities for Alumni:

  • meetings with professionals from the fields of business, science or politics
  • occasional events
  • an on-going communication through website, newsletters and social media (LinkedIn)
  • job counselling
  • Alumni Card
  • "Kozminski Lions" competition, in which we honour the graduates with the most spectacular and successful career paths, who can serve as a model for our students and alumni.