SSC Heroes Poland - new portal about Shared Services Sector

The SSC sector has been a huge success story in the Polish market. As of 2016 there are approx 380 companies present in Poland operating shared services centres. The industry employs over 200,000 people and forecasts steady 20% growth in the coming 3-5 years. It provides excellent career opportunities for higher-education graduates speaking multiple languages. Initial salaries in the SSC sector are amongst the highest in the country and these companies provide excellent job opportunities (and job benefits) for the Y-generation instead of leaving the country for a more attractive job in Western-Europe.

SSC Heroes Poland is a newly opened shared services center in Warsaw. Our company has a headquater in Hungary and exists more than 4 years there. The choice to move to Poland was not accident. Our newly launched retail SSC Heroes Poland is building a targeted audience and database of prospective SSC employees via multiple actions, including online campaigns in social media, events, parties and so on. Moreover, this website is unique in comparison with other recruitment portals. It means that employees by applying for a job may assess themselves via our online system and receive feedback simultaneously. Indeed, our main target of the website is to boost the number of registrations. So, we are highly interested in candidates specializing in IT services, international relations, banking, economy and etc.

If you are interested in Shared Services Centers, please visit SSC Heroes Poland.