Improve your programming competences: a strategic cooperation between Kozminsky University and CodersTrust Polska

Programming competences will help you reach any of your goals. The European Union has already estimated that 90% of all jobs will soon require  cyber competences, including programming. Kozminsky University chose CodersTrust Polska- an innovative online platform for learning programming  with an active support of Polish and foreign mentors. You don’t have to stop your studies or quit your job- you can customize learning hours to your schedule and to your rhythm. You’ll gain the skill of using such programming languages as JavaScript, HTML, CSS, which will enable you to create websites, layouts, graphics and animations. During the course CodersTrust Polska will help you find job and internship offers from global freelancing platforms and, at the end of the course, even full-time job offers in cooperating companies. You’ll start getting experience and earning money in the new field.
Who do we teach?    Everyone who wants to learn! It is enough to know English at intermediate level, think logically and have access to computer and to the Internet.
What do we teach?   
Programming languages (HTML, CSS, JavaScript) in the scope of                 Front-End Development, in the future also Back-End Development. We additionally help developing soft skills, such as business      communication and time management.   

How do we teach?   
Effectively - thanks to online courses (Udemy, CodeSchool) with the support from the Mentors and Career Advisors.  
How long?   
The course lasts 6 months during which the student has full access to the platform 24 hours a day.

Special offer for the graduates of ALK:  2990,00 PLN instead of 5781,00 PLN.

Try it out: 2 weeks are for free!
To try the two free weeks on our platform go to and click on “Rozpocznij darmowy okres próbny” (placed on the upper top of the website) which will transfer you to the platform, where you will find all the materials in English.

If after the two weeks of trial period on our platform you want to take the chance and invest in your future just write to our Talent Affairs and say that you are the ALK student/alumni and you want to use the special offer.