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  • Seminarium naukowe Zakładu Prawa Konstytucyjnego

    Zakład Prawa Konstytucyjnego Akademii Leona Koźmińskiego zaprasza na seminarium naukowe pt. Moment konstytucyjny i polski kryzys konstytucyjny 2015 - 2018 (uwagi krytyczne).

    Referat wygłosi Pan dr Michał Ziółkowski, natomiast wprowadzenie Pan prof. dr hab. Jan Wawrzyniak.

    20 marca 2019 r., godz. 11:30 - 13:00, sala A/26

  • The EuroMBA is a top ranked, internationally accredited blended learning program. Become our student for a day! Join us on Monday, May 13th 2019.

    Experience a typical day of the EuroMBA Residential Week! Attend the classes, meet the EuroMBA students and the Director of the Programme

    During the EuroMBA Residential Week at Kozminski University, which is organized between from the 12th untill the 17th May 2019,  our students will get to network, enhance their decision making skills (integrated in a series of strategic managerial simulation sessions), and deepen their knowledge around the week’s theme: Managing Emerging Markets.


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