Alumni of PhD studies

Alumni of PhD Studies

PhD Studies Alumni Club aims to integrate students of doctoral studies and help them in further development.

An important aspect of the club’s activity involves organizing trial doctoral defences and sharing knowledge and experience related to the process of pursuing a PhD dissertation. The offer includes also meetings with inspiring people and discussions about new trends in management, law, economics, and psychology.
First PhD Studies Alumni Gathering was held 24th March 2012 with more than 30 Alumni attending. The honourary guest was Prof. Grzegorz W. Kołodko.

The tutor of the Club is Prof. Czesław Szmidt.

The Club was an initiative of:

  • Magdalena Kępińska-Jasny -  2009 Alumni
  • Agnieszka Zasikowska - 2009 Alumni
  • Edyta Taborowicz - 2011 Alumni
  • Partycja Ilasz-Kłoda - 2009 Alumni
  • Dariusz Kacprzak - 2011 Alumni