Alumni Club Meetings

Graduate and internship programs

Managerial programs

Managerial programs aim to prepare and develop future managers. They are mostly pursued by leading reputable international companies, offering students of the last years of study and early graduates, an alternative to the traditional career path - the gradual advancement in the hierarchy of the company. Their main objective is to prepare the graduate (student of the final year of study ) to act as manager. It takes generally from about one to four years. During this time, the participant is employed and treated by the company as a full employee – he/she receives a fixed salary, insurance, private health care and other benefits. Participants of those kind of programs gain experience through practice and work in different areas of the company. They are actively involved in projects and training , sometimes also travel abroad. Moreover, with the help of professional coach or mentor, can create their own development path.

The most important factors in the recruitment process for both managerial programs and internship programs are  ambition, creativity, willingness to take on challenges and activity manifested in the light of experience. Everything counts - from previously completed internships, participation in voluntary work, international exchanges and training programs, participation in associations and student organizations, academic societies and clubs, to the possession of the original passions and interests, ending on the achievements in science. The recruitment process, beyond the resume and cover letter often includes an Assessment Center, which evaluates the specific competences of the candidate: self-presentation, teamwork skills, ability to work under time pressure. A necessary condition is also a knowledge of at least one foreign language, communication and interpersonal skills necessary to negotiate or work in a group.

Alumni Club Meetings

Any graduate of Kozminski University is a member of the Kozminski Alumni Club.
As a university, we provide our alumni with opportunities to get to know each other and establish new business relationships. We organize meetings with interesting people from the world of business to inspire you. Every such meeting is preceded by a networking part - an occasion for conversation and making new acquaintances. What is more, at least twice during an academic year the meetings are conducted in English and we hope that we are also going to see you at one of those.
If you would like to find out more, feel welcome to follow our news and the calendar of meetings.