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Ten kalendarz umożliwia szybkie znalezienie spotkań pasujących dla danej grupy kandydatów. Aby uzyskać dostęp do filtrów, wybierz znajdującą się poniżej kalendarza pozycję.



  • Tips and Tricks on how to develop CV












    Why is it worth to take part in the workshop?

    Currently, on the Internet we can find millions of CV patterns and advice on how to prepare documents to stand out from other candidates. Unfortunately, not all tips are true, and employers have different requirements and standards when evaluating application documents, so if:

    you are currently looking for internships, work placements and want to find out:

    • what are the myths and facts about a well-prepared CV,
    • how to emphasize your strengths in your CV,
    • how to match your CV with the job offer,
    • how to use the CV templates.

    Sign-up for the workshop via email: ksowa@kozminski.edu.pl

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