Meet Your Mentor

Meet Your Mentor


Join the Meet your Mentor programme, share your experience, and support KU students in job placement!


·         The idea of the programme


The idea behind the Meet your Mentor programme is the exchange of experience and knowledge between the current students of Finance and Accounting at Kozminski University and the graduates of this field of study, who have already made their mark in the labour market. We intend to create a platform where our graduates – professionals specializing in different fields – will have an opportunity to share their experience and practical tips they wish they had been given when they were taking their first steps in business.

Have just thought about yourself? Excellent! We’re currently looking for mentors who will contribute to this project!


·         We’re looking for Mentors. Who do we mean by that?

Our graduates with considerable professional experience and a strong professional position, who would like to enter into a long-term collaboration with KU and support our students in finding employment in companies offering on-the-job training and employment opportunities in the area of finance and accounting.

Our goals is to help our students to learn about e.g.:

Ø  the best places to take up an internship, an on-the-job training, or a job as recommended by our mentors

Ø  how to get a good job in a company/institution operating in the financial industry

Ø  a given mentor’s way from a KU student to a business professional,  

Ø  the factors behind the professional success in the mentor’s field of specialization,

Ø  the current trends and challenges in a given industry,

Ø  the recruitment process from an employer’s point of view,

Ø  the difficulties a given mentor has faced on their career path and the ways in which they have dealt with them,

Ø  the first days at work and the issues students should pay particular attention to.


·         What do we expect from a Mentor?


Ø  Readiness to endorse KU students as applicants for an on-the-job training, an internship programme, or a job.

Ø  Ability to make decisions and willingness to share contacts related to the opportunities for KU students to take part in an internship/on-the-job training programme, or to find a job.

Ø  Willingness to share valuable knowledge and practical experience.

Ø  Willingness to take part in meetings with students and discussions devoted to career development.

Ø  Readiness to offer individual consultation sessions to KU students upon arranging convenient dates of such one on one meetings in advance.

Ø  Being active in KU social media channels as a mentor.

Ø  Offering small tips also via e-mail - in response to students’ inquiries.

Ø  Readiness to provide information and to stay in touch with our students.


·         What can we offer to you?


Ø  We can promote you as a KU mentor and - if you wish so - also the company you represent.

Ø  Workshop and consultation sessions preparing our mentors to work with students.

Ø  If our collaboration turns out fruitful in the long run, we’ll be happy to provide you with testimonials and invest in your further development by funding training sessions, courses, and postgraduate studies - including MBA programmes - offered at Kozminski University.

Ø  Career Development and Alumni Relations Office being always at your disposal and providing you with any assistance you may require.

If you are interested in joining the programme, please send us your CV to and motivational letter and and we will contact you.

We are waiting for your applications till friday (10.08)


·         Contact

Prof. Paweł Mielcarz, Ph.D.

Vice-Director of the College of Management and Finance, Head of Department of Finance


Małgorzata Lichota

Alumni Relations Specialist

Career Development and Alumni Relations Office

tel. no. +48 22 519 22 74


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