Meet Your Mentor

Meet Your Mentor


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·       The idea of the programme

The idea behind the Meet your Mentor programme is the exchange of experience and knowledge between the current students of Finance and Accounting at Kozminski University and the graduates of this field of study, who have already made their mark in the labour market. We intend to create a platform where our graduates – professionals specializing in different fields – will have an opportunity to share their experience and practical tips they wish they had been given when they were taking their first steps in business.

Our goals is to help our students to learn about e.g.:

Ø  the best places to take up an internship, an on-the-job training, or a job as recommended by our mentors

Ø  how to get a good job in a company/institution operating in the financial industry

Ø  a given mentor’s way from a KU student to a business professional, 

Ø  the factors behind the professional success in the mentor’s field of specialization,

Ø  the current trends and challenges in a given industry,

Ø  the recruitment process from an employer’s point of view,

Ø  the difficulties a given mentor has faced on their career path and the ways in which they have dealt with them,

Ø  the first days at work and the issues students should pay particular attention to.


                                                    MEET OUR MENTORS: 



Jakub values team work, honesty and effective communication, which combined, lead to great achievements. He is focused on enhancing natural strengths of people he cooperates with as it brings them joy and great fulfilment. He graduated from MBA IT programme at Kozminski University in 2018 and currently holds Chief of R&D and Services position in Finanteq. His professional specialities are project management, business analysis and team management.

He can assist his mentees in choosing right offers for the first job, naming pros and cons of given job offer and preparing for the job interview. What's more, he is open to discuss any job related topic that may be interesting for the mentee. Due to the fact that Jakub stays in Lublin, all of above will be done mainly remotely by Skype/WhatsApp/Signal/e-mail, but naturally it is possible to organise face-to-face meetings from time to time. 





Alumnus of Kozminski Master in Finance and Accounting 2015. Been living in Poland for about 5 years. Currently works as a Business Analyst for UniCredit in Warsaw, and co-manages an entrepreneurship-focused local community. Passionate about technological advancements, traveling and delicious cuisine.

Numerous Kozminski students have already taken Vitalii's pieces of advice, but thanks to a new Mentorship program you can do it officially. Vitalii will enthusiastically support you with a job application or help you define your future career steps.








Aleksandra is goal oriented, values hard work, proactivity, honesty and communicates concisely at all levels. She is focused on people’s development by giving them opportunities to satisfy their professional and personal needs. She graduated from the Corporate Finance programme at Kozminski University in 2017 and currently holds the position of Securitisation Transaction Manager at the Royal Bank of Scotland.

She can assist her mentees in creating personal development plans, helping to search for good job offers and preparing for interviews. She is open to discuss any topic related to a student’s career path on one-to-one sessions, group meetings or via phone/email/social networks/chats. What’s more, she can arrange meetings with senior managers at RBS, organise workshops and potentially host open days for students.





I am an experienced managing director is strategy and business development with proven track record in international sales and business development, finance with sound experience of supervisory board membership. I have completed an Executive Master of Business Administration Programme at Koźmiński University. I am participation-type leader, challenger and coach in professional relations.

If you have need to cross ideas on your business prospects or business ideas I will do it with pleasure. I can support you also with working on your career development vision and defining steps to be taken. I would be glad to support you with my network. If you see any of my areas of expertise valuable for you, please contact me directly in order to meet and talk. 




Prof. Paweł Mielcarz, Ph.D.

Vice-Director of the College of Management and Finance, Head of Department of Finance


Klaudia Krasuska

Alumni Relations Specialist

Career Development and Alumni Relations Office

tel. no. +48 22 519 22 74


Lukasz Olszta

Career Advisor

tel. no. +48 22 519 23 48